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Why are Christmas lights so popular?

Dec 04,2019 / Company News / Author: ShengKui

As we all know, Christmas is the grandest festival of the year in Western countries, which is almost the same as the Chinese New Year. It was originally a day for Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus, and now it has become a popular festival filled with a warm atmosphere. It has long faded its religious color, and more expresses its friendship to family and friends and shares the joy of the past year. In recent years, due to the growing influence of foreign festivals in China, many places in China have also celebrated Christmas! Although its importance may not be as good as Valentine's Day passed from the West.

For everyone who spends Christmas, decorating Christmas-related decorations is a very important thing. Probably similar to our Chinese Spring Festival couplets. It is necessary to make Christmas decorations with their own characteristics and the warm atmosphere of Christmas. Nowadays, the popular LED Christmas decoration gift lights are obviously indispensable. Because, whether it is a Christmas flower or Christmas tree, or a real tree or a fake tree, you need to hang LED Christmas lights. Otherwise, why is there "lights shining" in the Christmas decorations every year?

European and American traditional Christmas lights are not energy-saving, environmentally friendly, short-lived, and have many hidden safety hazards. Now, using venuslumiere Lumier LED Christmas lights can avoid these troubles. Because compared with traditional Christmas lights, the energy-saving effect of LED Christmas lights is quite obvious. According to estimates, it can save energy by 70% to 90%, and its service life is more than 10 times that of traditional Christmas lights.

Not only is the energy saving and safety effect of LED Christmas decoration lights obvious, compared to the traditional Christmas lightings, the main decoration colors are red, green, and white. The flashing speed, direction, and changes of these lightings are more than traditional Christmas lightings. Multi-end, dazzling. Generally used Christmas lights are decorated with various colors of stars, clouds, Santa Claus dolls, angels, bells, Christmas trees, etc.

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