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LED tree lights energy-saving and durable features to make up for the shortcomings of traditional landscape lights

LED tree light tree pole leaves for simulation material, light source for LED, the height of the general in 0.8-8 meters (can be designed and made according to customer requirements), widely used in the square, courtyard, leisure square, lobby and other places. LED tree light energy-saving and durable features to make up for the shortcomings of traditional landscape lights, LED tree light is a revolutionary product of similar lamps and lanterns.


The actual voltage of the simulation tree light source is 220 volts, energy saving and environmental protection, can be used for safety. LED tree light is different from other LED products, DC voltage can reduce the damage caused by the weather in the outdoor, and then add the cold-proof power cord, brand resistance, increase the isolation column, pure copper wire, cold-proof double casing, sheath male and female connection protection can effectively avoid the wind and water flow.



LED simulation tree in a broad sense is a LED landscape crafts, has been in the market has a wide range of space. Its appearance, placement, decoration is extremely easy to control and change, in actual life, people can design and decorate at will according to the actual environment. The main LED simulation landscape trees on the market are: LED simulation cherry tree, LED simulation peach tree, LED simulation maple tree, LED simulation evergreen tree, LED simulation birch tree, LED simulation pine and cypress tree, LED simulation fruit tree, LED flower branch, etc.


The application of simulation tree light represents the urban people's desire to return to the mood of nature. Trees represent spirituality, landscape tree flowers are an indispensable part of leisure plazas and green parks. LED light source is very small in size and can match various landscape tree flowers, so that the flowers also show colorful changes, these characteristics determine the birth of the brand new Courtyard Decorative Solar Light.


Simulation of tree lights with good or bad light function directly affects the comfort of the sight of motor vehicle drivers, if the light distribution function of the tree lights is too poor, not only a waste of energy, can not achieve the purpose of landscape lighting, but also lead to the emergence of glare, thus causing traffic events, especially the city's main road landscape lighting, due to driving car speed is very fast, so the LED tree lights landscape lighting level is good or bad for the driver's evening vision effect The impact is especially outstanding.


Analysis of the reversal of artificial tree lights in the room

Along with the continuous development trend in the field of social development, the development of technology, the development and design of plant green sculptures and refrigerated green plants, and the improvement of artistic reproduction and processing, a large number of plant green sculptures will illustrate the ultimate harmony between man and nature.


The green sculptures of plants in the room can be customized according to the requirements of customers. With effective design schemes and novel products, they present a beautiful and comfortable visual feast to customers. This kind of new decoration design skills have been favored by many customers. It can be controlled by the indoor space, and the living balcony, roof, wall and other areas can be designed and decorated. At this stage, whether from the perspective of appreciation or from the perspective of environmental protection, interior decoration green plants have already changed. into a new generation of fashion trends.



Every excellent work of plant green sculpture is a work that the designer put into emotion. This kind of emotion is the love for writing, the simulation tree light simulation simulation green plant pictures, the love for the material pictures, the love for the daily life. Love, love of course and love of people. This is also similar to the literati in ancient times, who simulated and simulated green plant manufacturers. Based on their experience and understanding of daily life, they became a kind of love complex. They sent writings as a form of expression, and took this opportunity to express their views on the path of life. attitudes and feelings.


As we all know, the vast majority of green plants have to rely on the soil layer to survive. For green plants, water and minerals dissolved in water are the basic requirements of green plants, as well as light and carbon dioxide. Must be in an area with access to light and moisture all year round. Little do they know that plant green carving companies have gotten rid of this limitation. Bringing the vibrant beauty of green plants into everyone's daily life, it is easy to bring it into the room.


What kind of raw materials are the artificial tree lights made of, and why are they so real?

When it comes to artificial tree lights, it is not easy for everyone to be unfamiliar. With the development trend of the technology industry, artificial trees are slowly integrated into our daily life, whether it is on the street, on the street, or in the garden of tourist attractions. A variety of artificial trees are inevitable. Every simulation tree is done well and beautifully, so the brand image is real. I don't know if I don't get close and touch it, and I don't know that it was made by simulation, and it looks exactly like a real tree. So, what kind of raw material is the simulation tree made of, and why is it so real?


The raw materials of artificial trees are roughly divided into the following five types: 1. PE environmental protection plastics. 2. Moisture-proof oily cloth. 3. Plastic coated steel wire. 4. Construction steel bars. 5. FRP anticorrosion, etc.


1. PE environmental protection plastic
The use of PE environmental protection plastic can make the leaves of the artificial tree into a spacious and straight appearance, highlighting the plumpness and attractiveness of the petiole, and the glued leaves also feel fleshy to the touch.


2. Moisture-proof oily cloth
Moisture-proof oily cloth is an indispensable raw material for making artificial tree leaves. The oily cloth is used for several times of glue, and the holes of the cloth are densely coated, punched into the shape of a leaf, and the original granular plastic of PE is injection-molded on the leaf at a high temperature of 200 degrees, and the high-temperature glue is miscible with the leaf.



3. Plastic-coated steel branches
It is used to make the size bones of artificial tree leaves. There are 3-6 steel branches (depending on length) of different sizes, 16CM or 19CM (depending on length) hot-dip galvanized steel pipes in the blade rods. The ossicles have a small steel branch. The close combination of leaf bones and leaves can prevent the leaves from falling off for ten years!


4. Construction steel bars
The building steel bar is in the middle of the glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion thickness, and has the impact force of the main pole at the supporting point, which is resistant to working pressure. The connection of the leaf is welded on the top of the building steel bar in the middle of the glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion, and bears the net weight of the blade. The impact force of the rod, the steel bar at the bottom end is mechanically connected to the stainless steel plate at the bottom end, which has the effect of installation safety.


5. Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion
FRP anti-corrosion is the raw material of glass fiber improvement. It is a kind of raw material that cannot be used to make the main pole of artificial tree. It has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, insulation layer, sound insulation and noise reduction.


The performance of LED lights simulation tree lights at night

When the city lights are on, the power switch of the LED lights coiled on the artificial tree will be turned on, so the LED artificial tree lights at night will become a new form of artistic expression, and it is also a part of the urban night scene. The evening beauty is created by the fusion of various elements of culture and art. The lighting of the LED lamp simulation tree at night makes the city more and more colorful, and makes the city's evening atmosphere more intense. The integration of artificial trees and LED lights at night not only improves the appreciation of the natural environment and artistic beauty, but also enhances the interaction between everyone and art.



The LED light simulation tree at night is a new form of artistic expression. It is a simulation tree design scheme that adds dynamic optical elements to static data. The blending of scenes makes the simulation tree art shine with the aura of the new era. Also illuminates the city night view of the city. The LED lamp design scheme of the simulation tree reflects the city's economic development and development status, the living standard of the residents and the city's engineering and construction work ability to a certain level.


The occurrence of the LED light simulation tree solves the problem that the shape and appearance of the simulation tree cannot be appreciated at night. Some of the LED light simulation trees have already become the key design solutions for cleaning up the urban night scene, and some have become new tourist attractions for urban development trends and vacation tourism. The integration and contrast between artificial trees and LED lights has long been a highlight of the city, which not only cleans up the city's evening scenery, but also promotes the city's political improvement.


How to clean and maintain the artificial tree light

More and more artificial trees occur in our daily life. With the rise of everyone's attention, the regulations for it are also improved, so how to clean and maintain the artificial trees has become one of the more critical things.


The artificial tree light must be cleaned and maintained on time. As far as possible, it is not necessary to think about cleaning until there is a lot of dust. Because too much dust will stick to the top of the leaves, which will make cleaning difficult. Let me explain to everyone how the simulation tree is cleaned and maintained.


First of all, everyone uses a long herringbone ladder to disassemble and assemble the part that must be cleaned. If the dust is very small, first remove the dust, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. If the cleaning part of the artificial tree has accumulated too much dust, you can use some soap to clean it, then wash it immediately with tap water, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.



Many of the fallen leaves, tree skills, and tree poles of the artificial tree are all glued and inserted when they are made, and the structure is not very strong. Therefore, we should not use too much force in the case of cleaning, so as not to cause tree skills or fallen leaves to fall off and endanger the overall actual effect of the simulated tree. Although artificial trees are not as sensitive as real green plants, in the case of cleaning, care should be taken to prevent damage.


Nowadays, most of the artificial trees produced by manufacturers are made of organic chemical products after melting. They have the common characteristics of some plastic products and are flammable materials. This kind of tree must be protected from high temperature, and candle holders, candle holders, etc. should be avoided. Burn candles, incense and other open flames to prevent high temperature deformation and discoloration.


What are the characteristics of LED artificial tree lights?

LED tree light is referred to as LED landscape tree light, also known as LED simulation tree.


The size of the simulated tree light should be designed according to the environment and the number of lights used by the tree light. Now the height of the artificial tree lights we use is generally 80cm-350cm indoors, 400cm-650cm outdoors, and can also be customized according to the actual site needs. The LED tree light has a beautiful tree shape, plump branches and petals, bright colors, and a realistic feeling.


LED tree light is a new type of artificial landscape light, which is environmentally friendly, long life and beautiful. The tree pole blades are made of artificial material, the light source is LED, and the height is generally 0.8-6 meters. It is widely used in municipal engineering, parks, squares, high-end residential areas, courtyards, leisure squares, lobbies and other places. Its energy-saving and durable features make up for the deficiencies of traditional landscape lamps, and are revolutionary products of similar lamps.



LED tree lights are more and more used in urban lighting, landscape lighting, home decoration and other places, especially in festivals, it is an indispensable landscape. LED tree lights should be a popular trend in future urban lighting and engineering decorative lighting! First, LED tree lights are energy-saving, high brightness, and low power are the significant advantages of LEDs; second, LED tree lights are safe and worry-free. Features of LED tree lights: The appearance of LED tree lights is very realistic, and can be viewed during the day and night, which is not available in natural plants, especially at night. Safe, reliable and long life, it is the finishing touch of modern urban landscape design beautification and lighting.


The main pole of the artificial tree light is steel pipe, the branches are steel pipes or steel bars, and the simulation book cover is outsourced. All are made of high hardness, anti-aging material, the blades are flexible and anti-aging material, the light source is LED particle lamp, all are waterproof, low pressure, low consumption and long life.


Several aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing luminous tree lights?

First, the luminous efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency, the more power saving. At present, it is generally recommended to choose the luminous efficiency of the luminous tree lamp [lumens (lm)/wattage (w)] to be higher than 80LM/W. This indicator is in a growth period. Select a higher value to save power.


The second is the color rendering index: the color rendering index reflects the authenticity of the color of the object after being illuminated by light. The public should buy light bulbs with a high display index, which can better reflect the authenticity of the color.



The third is the choice of color temperature: light-emitting tree lights with different color temperatures should be selected for different decoration environments. The color temperature range is 2700~6500K. The smaller the value is, the yellow light is inclined, and the opposite is blue and white light. Yellow light is usually suitable for winter and bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants and other occasions to create a warm and comfortable feeling. The white light is brighter and clearer, suitable for summer, study, kitchen, etc.


Fourth, product quality: a light-emitting tree light is generally composed of three major parts: shell components, driving power, and LED. Since the light-emitting tree lamp generates a lot of heat, it is recommended to choose a shell with good heat dissipation; in addition, the power factor of the driving power supply needs to be above 0.9; the LED chip directly determines the brightness and decay of the lamp bead. The so-called "you get what you pay for", it is recommended to choose a big brand of luminous tree lights with guaranteed quality.


Confusion between LED lights and glowing tree lights. With the formal implementation of the EN62560:2012 version, the EU has a unified standard for LEDLamp. The EN62560 standard is translated into Chinese as the safety requirements for LED self-ballasted lamps. It is aimed at LED light sources (LED Lamp) such as LED bulbs, LED spotlights, etc., which directly replace incandescent bulbs. It is characterized by built-in LED driver, and the lamp head is a standard E27 or E40 or GU10 lamp head connected to the mains to work. The driving power supply of LED lamps can be built-in or external, and the light source can be LEDLamp, or directly use LED light engine as the light source. The LED light source engine can be connected to the mains by the driving power supply, or can be directly connected to the mains without the driving power supply to work. The standard of LED lamps needs to refer to EN60598-1 first, and then determine the applicable special standards according to the installation method or use of the lamps, such as common LED downlights, whose standards are EN60598-1/EN60598-2-2. Then consider the safety performance of LED modules EN62031.


Take you to understand the LED artificial tree light

LED artificial tree light is a new type of LED artificial landscape tree, also commonly known as LED tree light.


The LED simulation tree is formed by processing using modern technology and new materials. The leaves of the tree are simulated materials, the light source is LED, and the height is 3-6 meters. Hotel projects, celebration projects, etc.


The specially shaped artificial tree lights are like street dancers, while daylight is seen as a physical object. When night falls, the colorful, high-brightness light sources add a touch of serenity and magnificence to the night. Tree lights use different colors, different shapes, different light colors and their brightness adjustment. This is a specially created special landscape color. Tree light function: energy saving, high brightness, low power consumption, safety, low voltage, long life, bright colors. The shape is realistic and completely simulates the plants, putting people in the natural landscape.



The main pole of the tree light is steel pipe, the branches are steel pipes or steel bars, and the artificial bark is outsourced. All made of high hardness, anti-aging and environmentally friendly materials. The blade is a flexible and age-resistant material. The light source is an LED particle light. The branches of the glowing tree light can be bent 360 degrees without breaking, making it easy to pack and carry. The glowing tree lights are beautiful and generous, with plump branches and bright colors.


Today, it has been more and more used in various occasions, such as urban lighting, landscape lighting, home decoration, especially in festivals. The lights of the tree flicker and twinkle, and at night, it acts as an embellishment and decoration. The shape is realistic and completely simulates the plants, putting people in the natural landscape. Main application range: squares, parks, residential road lighting, decoration of various leisure and entertainment clubs.


The lighting quality of luminous tree lights has an impact on the driver's vision at night

When using the light-emitting tree light, it is necessary to check the various accessories of the light-emitting tree light clearly to prove that there is no problem and then use it from time to time. The light distribution performance of the tree light manufacturers' luminous tree lights directly hinders the visual comfort of motor vehicle drivers. If the light distribution performance of the luminous tree lights is not good, it will not only waste energy, but also fail to meet the role of lighting. The dazzling glare causes traffic incidents, especially the lighting of urban arterial roads. It is precisely because the driving speed is very fast that the lighting quality of the luminous tree lights has a considerable impact on the driver's vision at night.


Reasonable design luminous tree lighting series, so that it can meet the average needs in various situations, improve and improve the night vision of motor vehicle drivers, reduce the rate of road accidents at night, and meet the requirements of energy saving, Reduce repair costs and other functions, with multiple economic and social benefits. Modern luminous tree lights are more and more hopeful of simple and smooth line structure, and pay more attention to the realization of functions and the concept of low effective energy consumption. The compact design can illuminate large-scale areas, and it is even more rare that it is also a road lighting decoration that is not greasy, with a sense of the times and design.



After the tree type selection is perfect, it is necessary to consider whether the height of the tree itself and the selected color are in harmony with the environment. A good product should also correspond to a good environment. Just like no matter how beautiful a flower is, it also needs green leaves. It is the same as the foil, otherwise its beauty will be eclipsed.


For example, in the square, the terrain is relatively open, and the corresponding peach blossom tree light should not be too short, otherwise it will not match the atmosphere of the square, and the number of installations should not be too small, otherwise it will appear lonely and unpleasant. In terms of space layout Some simple and symbolic graphics can be arranged with luminous tree lights, which will add more imposing beauty to the square.


A luminous tree light that makes the illumination on the illuminated surface higher than that of the surrounding environment. Also called floodlights. In general, it is capable of aiming in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Mainly used for large-area mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Therefore, almost all large-area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as light-emitting tree lights. The beam angle of the light-emitting tree lamp is wide or narrow, and the variation range is between 0° and 180°. The beam with a particularly narrow beam is called a searchlight.