• Strong scientific research force

    Strong scientific research force

    On the basis of our own research and development team, in addition to reserving fresh "blood" for research and development, we also combine with external professional research institutes to jointly research and develop products with market potential.

  • Advanced detection equipment

    Advanced detection equipment

    We have our own professional laboratory and advanced testing equipment and maintained good relationships of cooperation with ITS, BV, UL and other world’s top laboratory to ensure the quality of indoor and outdoor LED decoration lighting meets environment-friendly standard requirements such as RoHS, REACH...

  • Scientific management mechanism

    Scientific management mechanism

    We’ve created scientific digital workshop, combining with ERP management system, to ensure the production storage capacity, production capacity, and promote sales capacity.

  • Long-term social responsibility ability

    Long-term social responsibility ability

    We offer one stop solution after sales service. Our Led decoration lights and accessories can be custom made and wholesale worldwide. Ideal solution for indoor and outdoor lighting decoration.

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The Halloween Lights Advantage

If you want to turn your den into a dungeon-like den this Halloween, get some Halloween lights for your home. These seven-bulb strands of lights will cast a soft, ambient glow and can be used indoors and outdoors. They are also much safer than real candlelight, since they don't cause any fire hazards. You can also use them to illuminate your yard or garden. You can even install fake cobwebs underneath to diffuse the light.


If you are hanging your lights indoors, use black lights. While these are a classic Halloween choice, they can be rather silly. If you'd prefer a more eerie effect, choose dark blue floodlights. These are often used by moviemakers in moonlit scenes, and can bathe your front yard in an eerie moonlight. Using a battery operated strobe light is a great idea for a haunted house.


Another benefit to LED lights is that they last for millions of hours, and can be hung anywhere in your home. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they don't produce heat, so they're safer for children and pets. Plus, they can be used outside as well. You can even use them in your yard. A battery-operated light string is another great benefit. If you're not sure where to hang your Halloween lights, you can always buy a cheap one and hang it over a fireplace or mantel.



You can also buy foldable jack-o-lanterns for outdoor use. These lights are 7 feet tall and feature a Frankenstein family with Frankenstein, his bride, and their child. You can buy these for less than $10 each and keep them for several seasons. If you're going to hang your lights indoors, consider getting a long ladder and an extension cord rated for outdoor use. A good way to avoid fire hazards is to hang your lights before plugging them in.


If you're using outdoor Halloween lights, you can get a battery-operated model and place them inside jack-o-lanterns. You can also put them inside the windowsills or inside jack-o-lanterns for trick-or-treaters. Besides putting them in the windows and doors, you can also use battery-operated string lights on the porch or window. You'll need to make sure you keep them in a safe place away from children.


Besides battery-operated lights, you can also buy lighted pumpkins. They're great for your front lawn. Whether you're displaying them indoors or out, these pumpkins add a spooky atmosphere to your walkways. If you're decorating your house, you can even make your yard look more eerie by using these lights. They'll add a ghoulish glow to your home and make it look creepier.


Solar-operated Halloween lights are eco-friendly and won't use household electricity. They're convenient and eco-friendly, and you can place them in strategic locations. Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, solar-operated Halloween lights don't require a lot of power. Moreover, they can last up to 30 years, so they're a good choice if you're looking for energy-efficient alternatives.


Halloween Decoration Lights

The best Halloween decoration lights can create a mystical and creepy mood in your home. You can mix and match different colors and styles for your holiday decorations. You can use battery-operated pumpkin string lights or mason jars and vases. You can bend the wires to fit inside. This can make your house look really eerie during Halloween. You can also put them in a pumpkin to provide a more eerie atmosphere.


There are many different types of Halloween decoration lights. Some are battery-operated and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Battery-operated strobes are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere. These can display up to six pre-programmed light shows. Some battery-operated string lights feature a variety of holiday favorites. Depending on your needs, you can choose the colors and effects that suit you best. While some are safe for outdoor use, others are suitable for indoor use only.


Some lights are incredibly flexible. You can choose between warm white string lights or Halloween novelty string lights. Candlelights, eerie pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and ghouls are all great choices for decorating. You can find a light for indoors or out to suit the theme of your home. While traditional Halloween decorations like witches hats are scary, you can also get spooky-looking light displays with your Halloween decoration lights.

For a truly spooky Halloween display, consider adding string lights. You can also decorate trees, bushes, and bushes with lights. A popular color combination for outdoor string lights is purple and green for an enchanted forest, while blue and green for "playful monsters" creates a dazzling effect. A spooky Halloween decoration light display is a fun way to celebrate the season. So get a few strands of light and use your imagination!


For outdoor Halloween decoration lights, you can install a flickering fence post cap light. These lights are waterproof and don't need to be hardwired. They will automatically emit light for eight to ten hours, and you can choose the color you want. These lights can be used inside and out and are safe for children and pets. They are not just for Halloween, but for the entire year. They are a gorgeous addition to any yard.


String lights can be used to decorate outdoor decorations. Several types of light strings are available. The most common ones are battery-operated. The battery-operated ones can be placed in porches and walkways. They can also be used to decorate porches and other outdoor spaces. If you prefer to place them in trees, you can place them in different locations around your home. They are very easy to hang and take down, and they are safe for children.


How to Choose the Best Halloween LED Light

LED lights are perfect for decorating your house this Halloween. They give off a long-lasting glow that is energy efficient, and the brilliant color is a welcome change from the dull white of the rest of the season. With a variety of different styles, colors, and types, you can find one that suits your home's style perfectly. These lighting products are also great for making your own DIY LED projects for your home. They can even scare away any early Christmas displays in your neighborhood.


Unlike traditional holiday lights, LED light-up rings can easily be placed inside Halloween-themed bags. They're available in 12 PCs per dozen and come in a variety of colors and can be timed to turn on and off according to your schedule. There are also battery-operated strobe lights that give sound effects and are cordless. You can also get LED candles and tealights for Halloween. While these can be expensive, they can last for a long time and add to your child's visibility during the night.


The best Halloween LED light can be found in several colors and sizes. These lights come in several different sizes and can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. Many of these lights are durable enough for outdoor use, so you can use them for multiple uses. Some of them can be used for landscaping, and you can connect several mini-string lights end-to-end for a festive, colorful look. Moreover, they are also energy-efficient and can last for a long time.

The most popular Halloween LED light colors are orange and green. These colors are perfect for trick-or-treaters and are a great way to decorate a porch or yard. They also make a spooky electric forest, which will surely creep anyone out. If you're decorating for your kid's Halloween party, you can use red LED flex tape to line the entryway to the house or car. A spooky electric forest can also be created by lining a tree with fake spiders and webs. Using a string of lights, you can hang several lights from the eaves of a porch. You can hang a light ball, a toilet paper roll, or a mini string light on a porch.


If you're looking for battery-operated lights, try choosing a set that comes in the colors of Halloween. A purple-and-orange LED light will help you create a haunting, festive atmosphere. An orange and purple LED light will also make your porch railing more beautiful. This type of battery-operated lights can be placed indoors and outdoors. You can even buy sets of a larger space and use them as a wall decor.


The most popular LED light colors for the holiday are orange and purple. However, you can choose another color that will give you a similar effect. Some people prefer a white creepy cloth, while others prefer a black creepy cloth. In addition to orange, black and purple are also good choices. Depending on the mood of the party, you can combine several kinds of lights. And you can always repeat the colors of your lights every year.


Different Types of Halloween Decoration Lights

Are you looking for the top Halloween decoration lights for 2021? Look no further! With so many different decorations on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision. Here are some top tips that will help you make the right choice this year.

LED is the way to go: For years, LED's have been the hottest trend in the lighting industry. Not only are they incredibly low-cost, but they also produce nearly twice the amount of light as traditional incandescents. LED's last up to 10,000 hours, making them incredibly long-lasting and cost effective. Combine that with the fact that LED's consume less energy than traditional Halloween decorations, and you'll save money and energy while still enjoying all the Halloween decorations this season.

Extension cords are the way to go with battery-powered Halloween decorations: The big drawback of using extension cords for your Halloween decorations is that you have to constantly change batteries and then re-use the extension cord once the batteries run out. That said, if you have an extra three feet of extension cord laying around your garage or house, you should use it. Battery-powered Halloween decorations require no lighting maintenance and they offer the most flexibility. They allow you to decorate anywhere along the perimeter of your porch or deck and you won't have to worry about running out of power for any reason.

Use the heck out of tinsel: Even though tinsel has been popular for decades, the addition of costume LED lights to the mix is a trend that's here to stay. Tinsel does exactly what it sounds like it does: It hangs from a tree limb, but what makes it even more appealing are the tiny, twinkling lights that dance around the tarnished remains of the original light bulb. When used in halloween decorations, the effect can be magical, whimsical and really spooky. These Halloween LED lights are available in numerous designs, from bug-eyed versions to bat-like creatures to pumpkins and ghosts.

String lights are the perfect accessory for your Halloween decorations: The beauty of string lights is that they can be used to simulate any number of architectural elements, such as rope lighting or elaborate ceiling effects. The beauty of the effect is that they're extremely easy to install. They can be wound down individually for the smallest of displays, or wound into intricate strings that illuminate every corner of your outdoor space. A great many people prefer string lights to traditional Halloween decoration lights because they're easier on the eye. While string lights are typically used to provide ambient lighting for halloween decorations and events, they can also serve as focal points for special displays or to draw the eye to special areas in your outdoor space.

Finally, another popular type of Halloween decoration light is the LED light. As the name suggests, LED lights are composed of small, compact chips that contain tiny light bulbs. LED lights come in a variety of colors and are quite affordable. In addition, they consume less energy than traditional light strings, which means that they cost less to operate and they last longer than traditional Halloween lights. Another advantage to LED lights is that they're environmentally friendly, which is a consideration when you're planning to use these Halloween decorations outside.


Christmas LED Light Strands Guide

Multicolor Christmas LED light makes enchanting Christmas displays this season. These multi-color LED Christmas lights contain 70 LEDs spaced 4 feet apart. Each LED Christmas light strand is about 23 feet in length. These LED Christmas lights are so energy-efficient, that you could string together several of them end to end. In a single year, these lights will use the equivalent of five firewood poles to light the same area that would be used if you used standard candles. This is a cost-effective way to add colorful lights to your tree and pathways.


Multicolored lights also offer more vibrant colors. By using red, green, blue, white, indigo, and orange in combination with the regular color white, you get a beautiful array of hues that will warm those who pass them on the way to your home. To achieve a truly unique Christmas display, try mixing and matching the different colors of these multicolored LED Christmas lights. They make for spectacular decorations and even an attractive conversation piece.


Some companies produce a single strand only. The multicolored Christmas LED lights produced by such a company will have individual strands of each color. While one of these strands is connected to the top of a light post, others are attached to individual Christmas lights that hang on doors or pole mounts. Once you have purchased the Christmas LED lights that you want, simply take the desired number of strands, and connect them into the same design you had previously made with the regular Christmas lights.

The best part of all about using multicolored Christmas lights is that they will not damage the interior surface on which they are hung. LED lights do not heat up like regular incandescent bulbs do, so they will not trigger the surface to warm up and cause damage. This means that you can leave your Christmas LED lights where they are and not worry about them getting tangled up in anything as they are hung. The longer strands that you buy, the better chance there is that you will not be tripping over them and injuring yourself. Some people even prefer to leave their multicolored light strings along railings and steps in case someone trips and falls.


If you are decorating an outdoor space, then you may want to consider using c6 led lights. These are much more durable than the other kinds of Christmas LED lights, so they do not wear out as quickly. They also will last for many more years than regular Christmas lights. In addition, since they are not as susceptible to twisting and curling up, you will have much fewer breakages when using c6 light strings during the holiday season. When it is time to replace your old Christmas LED lights, simply replace the bulbs with new ones made from c6 instead of aluminum or copper.


In summary, if you are looking to decorate your home this year and you wish to use the latest styles and designs, then look no further than the c6 LED strands. These look beautiful and are sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees them. They are available at most stores, retailers, and online retailers at very affordable prices, making them ideal gifts for just about everyone. Don't forget to check your local fire department and your local department of transportation to find out when they are going to be running out of Christmas lights in your area.


Christmas Decorative LED Light - Enhance the Looks of Your Home

If you are one of those people who like to decorate their home during the Christmas holiday, then there is no better option than using Christmas decorative LED lights. These lights are not only good for decoration but also are very efficient in use. They have gained enough popularity over the years because they give a unique look and that is why they are used as decorations. These lights are available in a lot of varieties and colors that it becomes difficult to choose one among so many other options. One can even purchase them online from a number of websites at affordable rates. This Christmas you can use the decorative LED lights to decorate your home for Christmas celebration.


These lights come in different colors which make it easier for you to find one among so many colored options. You can also find them in white too. It is possible to find a decorative light in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the size of your space. You can even use these lights to decorate the outside space of your house for festive occasions.


Apart from using these lights to decorate your house for Christmas, they are also very useful during summer season. You can place these lights in your pool for an attractive look. In order to cut down your energy consumption, you can switch off these lights once the sun sets so that you can enjoy the light without any hindrance. In order to save energy, you should keep these lights in a place where there is no congestion of air. This will help you to save electricity.

Another advantage of having these lights at home is that they can be used to produce sound for entertainment purpose. In order to enhance the charm of your holiday celebration, you can place these lights around the exterior of your home. You can have a festive night by putting up these lights and enjoying the Christmas night with your family members.


When it comes to maintenance of these lights, you don't need to worry about it at all. You just need to clean them once in a while so that the dust does not accumulate and the lights retain their brightness. Moreover, there is no risk of fire when you are using these Christmas decorative LED light as they are completely safe. The only thing that you need to take care of is that you should never connect these lights to electricity in any manner because electricity can create a huge risk. So, you should always use these lights indoors.


The cost of these lights is also very affordable and anyone can afford them. Therefore, you do not have to feel awkward when you want to enhance the looks of your home with these lights. All you need to do is buy them and then put them in the place of decoration you want. So, you can easily decorate your home with these lights.


Decorative Yard Light - A Simple and Convenient Solution For Your Lawn

With the recent surge of interest in solar powered yard lighting, more homeowners are looking for a way to add decorative yard lights without using traditional electrical outlets. This trend has given rise to a variety of unique, interesting, and cost effective solar options for use as yard lights. If you want to explore the potential of solar powered yard light options, keep reading.


Most of the solar post light accessories available for residential use today come as small, portable lanterns. These solar powered options can be used to illuminate walkways and to illuminate large areas outdoors. This hand held lantern is designed to work as a small, solar powered lamp. Just make sure that your outdoor post lantern is not using too much solar energy to light the area - that can be a hazard.

When it comes to solar powered post lanterns, it is important that you buy a lantern that uses less than a wattage of solar power. The higher the wattage of solar cell, the brighter the light, and the more heat the light will produce. So, a good rule of thumb is to buy a lantern that is in the neighborhood of about seventy watts. Remember to check your local building codes to ensure that your new light meets all of these criteria.


No matter what kind of yard post lantern or solar powered light you choose, you will be enjoying its benefits for years to come. In addition, you can find ways to creatively use the lights in your yard to create a fun, safe atmosphere for kids and adults alike. And, if you live in an area where dangerous voltage spikes are a concern, you can rest easy knowing that your lights won't pose a threat to your home.


Whether you choose to purchase a traditional outdoor post lantern or a sleek and solar light, you will enjoy its many benefits. If you are looking for a way to improve the aesthetics of your lawn or garden, consider adding one to your property. With few moving parts, the solar powered light is easy to install and use. No more worrying about using daylight when trying to light the path ahead of you in the dark. Instead, with a decorative yard light, you can enjoy comfortable illumination while doing chores around the yard or evening cookouts with friends and family.


All About Christmas LED Light Strands

Christmas LED lights are one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas. LED lights are capable of producing thousands of brilliant white lights with much longer life than traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, they are quite a lot easier to use and cheaper as well. However, there are some downsides as well. The main disadvantage is that these lights do not last for long. They also tend to produce a lot less light than their incandescent counterparts.


The downside of using christmas led lights is that you have to constantly replace them. Unlike regular light bulbs, you have to change the individual strands every so often. Moreover, you also have to change the connectors, crimp the wires and so on. If you use these lights at a long distance, you will definitely need to take care of the strands and the connectors more often.


However, it is still one of the better choices when it comes to Christmas lights. This is because white led christmas lights can be hung from anywhere you want. These lights are available in a wide variety of colors. There are also various designs available in the market. Most of these varieties come in silver and white colors.

Another great thing about these types of lights is that they are very simple to install. Unlike regular incandescent bulbs, you can easily install laser lights without any kind of complex procedures. It is even possible to connect the cables to a 12V power source. If you want a low profile Christmas light system, then you should go with the LED strands. This will make your system look compact and stylish.


Even though you get a lower output compared to regular lights, you will get a brighter light as well. If you only want to decorate a small space, then you should go for the mini Christmas lights. This will give you a beautiful look even at a distance. You can find several different kinds of mini Christmas lights in a number of different colors. There are also a number of online stores that sell these LED lights along with a variety of other products.


You can use Christmas LED light strands along with many other types of accessories to create some truly unique designs. If you want to use LED lights in your home decoration, then you can check out the various options available on the internet. You can even get some really cool deals and discounts if you take some time out to shop online.


What Is a LED Ball Lamp With a Rugged Line?

A disco ball lamp with a LED, or perhaps a LED flashlight, is a really inexpensive way to add some color to your next party. The Led party light bulb is available in many different colors of red, blue, green and orange and can be found in many different models. There are some models available that will replace the traditional ball lamp in an outdoor area or a building. If you choose the right size for the space you will be using it will also make it look really neat.


The Led party light bulb - 1ct is a great choice for a birthday, graduation, holiday party or wedding. Some people have used them at their business and even at their place of work. You can find them in red, blue, green and orange and they can be found in a few different sizes. The best part about this is that it is extremely affordable and the cost per unit is very low. Some of the prices you will see online are outrageous and if you go into a store you may pay hundreds of dollars for the same product.


When you are shopping for a LED party light bulb there are some things that you need to consider. The first thing is the size. There are two sizes for this type of bulb, the sixty-watt and the four-watt. You will need to think about how much you will be using your lights at night. The sixty-watt will give off enough light for around fifteen to twenty feet, while the four-watt will give off enough light for about thirty to forty feet. Once you decide the size of LED light bulb you are going to use then you can start looking for it online.

When shopping for an LED party light bulb - 1 ct, look for the brand that is compatible with your circuit board. If you are purchasing a sixty-watt LED light bulb - 1 ct, you should buy one from a company that offers a warranty on the bulb itself. You do not want to purchase a replacement lightbulb after only thirty days or so because it did not come with a warranty. This can end up costing you a lot of money if the bulb does not work correctly and you have to buy another one.


There are many different kinds of LED party light bulbs - six rgb, two white, two red and one green. Most of these types of light bulbs are designed for direct outdoor wall mounting. The red and green ones are a little bit more difficult to install because of their colors. They tend to get obstructed up in the air by bigger objects. This is why they are better installed ceiling-mounted.


A real advantage of LED light bulbs is that they are rugged, and this means that they will last much longer than any other kind of bulb on the market today. Some people say that LED's can last as long as fifteen years. If you buy an LED ball lamp with a rugged line, or a free delivery, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product that is going to last for many years. There are lots of different kinds of LED lights on the market right now - whether they are LED outdoor decor, or LED indoor decor, there is definitely something out there that will fit your personal taste. But no matter what type of light bulb you choose, you are definitely going to like the new LED's.