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Halloween LED Light Balloons - A Very Scary Theme

Sep 29,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Add a ghostly glow to your trick-or-treaters' spooky soiree with Ghost Halloween Led Light Up Statues. This splendid display of 3 white, floating ghostly lanterns is certain to create an inviting addition to any child's Halloween celebration. Once activated, Halloween led light-up statues will remain illuminated for several hours! The effect is like that of a mini outdoor light show. Best of all, no one need ever know that the lighted ghostly figures were not real, nor did any harmful gas or electricity escape to haunt your children and your yard.


You can dress up this outdoor Halloween display in many ways. For instance, you can buy white or orange colored standard, short, and long string lights, with the usual battery packs included. Or, why not decorate the "creepy" figures with red, black, and orange Halloween lights. This will surely give your "Halloween" party a festive feel. You could also opt for some very creatively designed commercial standard, short, and long Halloween lights; these could be used creatively around the edges of the creepy orange halloween light strings.


If you decide to go the "commercial standard" route, you should keep in mind that these light products are not particularly bright. Thus, it is suggested that you use a regular household bulb for the light fixture. If you wish, you can purchase special orange and black holiday lights for your Halloween celebrations. These light fixtures are available in many sizes and shapes. Some commercial standard orange and black lights are even available in "flicker" versions that produce an even brighter light.



If you decide on using orange or black lights, you should make sure that the bulbs used are not too big for the surface of your "creepy" Halloween lights. You should also ensure that the light strings are not too short. The length of the light strings should be no more than an inch apart. Of course, if your objective is to use the shorter light strings, you should try to select those that are available in the sizes mentioned above. If you wish to have a really spooky effect, you should try out those LED light strings that hang several inches above the ground.


Now that we have discussed the different types of lights available, let us discuss how you can make your Halloween decoration really scary. The first thing that you can do is to hang three or four arches of orange, black, or white lights along the walls or ceiling. When these arches are completely covered with bulbs, you can turn them into a "scary maze". There are plenty of kids that love playing in these maze games so you should not have any problems with holding their attention as they move from one end of the room to another.


Another fun idea that will leave your guests in the dark is to hang orange streamers on the stairway and along the stairs leading up to the front door. These streamers are really easy to decorate with as all you have to do is to tie each ribbon to some tack strips that you find at the local craft store. You can find different color and styles of hooks that you can attach these strips to. Also you should remember to add plenty of realistic fog, if you wish to add some more drama to the Halloween light decorations. If you want to take it up a notch, you should consider using orange, black, or white light bulbs in your decorations.

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