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How to hang and wrap Christmas tree lights

Aug 04,2020 / Industry News / Author: ShengKui

1. The first is to choose a suitable location in the house to decorate the Christmas tree.

You can push the door from the door and see where the first sight often falls in the house, where the light is concentrated, at this time we can arrange the Christmas tree there, but for example, by the fireplace or by the window It is also a suitable location near the wall.

2. Choose the right light string.

Festive decorations should reflect your personal preferences. If you like a more traditional style, choose the big incandescent bulbs of different colors; if you want to save energy and save the planet, choose energy-saving LED string lights.

3. How many lights do you need?

Insider's Tip: A 7-foot-tall Christmas tree requires at least 500 small lights; it will increase by 100 for every 1-foot-high. If you like a more brilliant look, you can use 150 bulbs per foot high. Of course, the width of the Christmas tree must also be taken into account. The larger the circumference of the Christmas tree, the more light bulbs are needed.

4. Prepare tools

Every year in the United States, there are more than 15,000 people who go to the emergency department because of a Christmas tree injury. Therefore, remember to prepare suitable tools before decorating the Christmas tree. For example, use an electric ladder instead of just looking for a stool to raise the height; use standard electrical wires and power extension cords; each string of lights can not be connected too much, about 500 for a string, if you need more To separate into multiple strings and connect to the plug.

5. Group the lights together

Coiling the string of lights that would have been wrapped around the Christmas tree first sounds superfluous. In fact, this can avoid the entanglement of the light strings during decoration. In addition, it is also convenient to hold the light string in one hand and wrap it in one hand, without risking tripping yourself in a mess.

6. Simple winding method

Connect the lights to the string first so that you can visually see the pattern formed when winding it and decorate it from the top of the tree. If the Christmas tree is placed in a corner, you can pull from one side of the tree to the other, and decorate along the front of the Christmas tree to the bottom. If the Christmas tree is placed in front of the window, you can wind the tree 360 ​​degrees, and you can see the lights before and after. Like chic vertical lines? It's also very simple, but the spacing below the lines must be relatively large to match the shape of the tree. To make the lights a little 3D, you can wind a string of lights between the branches. In short, just like your holiday.

7. Advanced tips for lighting layout

a, it is more beautiful to wind up the strings of different colors together. The white light string is mainly used, and then a single-color or multi-color light string is added on it. b. Use rechargeable LET lights, wire hangers and some nails to make various shapes of art string lights. First cut off the hook on the hanger, and then use pliers to twist it into a tree, star or other shape, then wind the string of lights, and finally hang on the edge of the bookshelf or the window.

c. Wrap the string of lights on the outdoor tree. Wind the trunk first, then wind towards the end of the branch. After nightfall, you can see the whole tree light up, like a fairytale effect.

8. Post-season storage

Generally, before Valentine's Day, these decorative lights of the Christmas tree should be removed. When tidying up the string of lights, start from the bottom of the tree, slowly wind the string of lights into a ball, and finally you can put it in a cabinet in a reasonable manner and use it next year.

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