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LED lamps are also hot

May 21,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Like traditional light source lamps, LED lamps are also hot. The heat of LED lamps comes from the loss in LED photoelectric conversion and its LED driver. Different from the basic principle of traditional electric light source lighting, the LED lighting is electroluminescence. Due to the change of the subject type, most of the output kinetic energy is critical and converted in the form of dot matrix vibration generated by the radiation source compound type. energy. The method of transmitting heat in the LED is not just the transmission of the radiation source. Therefore, the key overall goal in the heat rejection design of the LED lamps is to have commercial land to transmit the integrated heat of the LED and to control the junction temperature of the LED in the LED lamp.


The structural level of led modeling design light products has continued to be researched and unconventional, generally based on the strengths of others, and continue to release authentic integral lights with various modeling artistic appearances and material structures. Led modeling design lamps are characterized by rich colors, safety, environmental protection and energy saving, and good power. The key raw materials are iron or stainless steel plates to make a variety of artistic appearances to clean up the interior decoration effect. LED modeling design lighting is pavement lighting Filled. Illuminations with different appearances, such as street dancers, are valued as commodities during the day; the bright lights are in the early days, and the rich, colorful and high-brightness light sources add some tranquility and magnificence to the night.


Generally speaking, the heat transfer coefficient of general epoxy resin is not large. Therefore, when the LED chip is illuminated in work, the LED chip has to send out heat, while the general epoxy resin has limited heat transfer capacity. Therefore, if If you accurately measure the temperature of the LED bracket from the outside of the white LED light to be 45 degrees, the temperature of the integrated ic management center in the white LED light may exceed 80 degrees. The temperature connection point of the LED is actually 80 degrees. Then, when the LED chip is working at the temperature-saving temperature, it is very difficult to suffer, which accelerates the embrittlement of the LED white light.


Since the embrittlement plate used for embrittlement has no heat dissipation effect, most of the heat generated during LED operation cannot be transmitted to the outside. Modeling lamp manufacturers test this point. The temperature of the gas inside the embrittlement plate has reached a high temperature of 101 degrees, and the surface temperature of the outer cover of the embrittlement plate is only 53 degrees, which is several tens of degrees apart. This shows that most of the plastic outer cover of the design scheme does not have the function of heat transfer and heat rejection. However, in the general design of lamps and lanterns, the role of heat transfer and heat removal is fully considered. Therefore, in summary, the design plan for the main parameters of the charge in the work of the LED lamp bead depends on the specific situation. If the heat transfer and heat removal effect of the lamp is very good, it is fine for the working voltage of the LED white lamp to increase a little, because the LED lamp The heat generated by the work of the bead can be exported to the outside in an instant, and it is not harmful to the LED, which is the care for the LED.

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