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Several aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing luminous tree lights?

Mar 11,2022 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

First, the luminous efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency, the more power saving. At present, it is generally recommended to choose the luminous efficiency of the luminous tree lamp [lumens (lm)/wattage (w)] to be higher than 80LM/W. This indicator is in a growth period. Select a higher value to save power.


The second is the color rendering index: the color rendering index reflects the authenticity of the color of the object after being illuminated by light. The public should buy light bulbs with a high display index, which can better reflect the authenticity of the color.



The third is the choice of color temperature: light-emitting tree lights with different color temperatures should be selected for different decoration environments. The color temperature range is 2700~6500K. The smaller the value is, the yellow light is inclined, and the opposite is blue and white light. Yellow light is usually suitable for winter and bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants and other occasions to create a warm and comfortable feeling. The white light is brighter and clearer, suitable for summer, study, kitchen, etc.


Fourth, product quality: a light-emitting tree light is generally composed of three major parts: shell components, driving power, and LED. Since the light-emitting tree lamp generates a lot of heat, it is recommended to choose a shell with good heat dissipation; in addition, the power factor of the driving power supply needs to be above 0.9; the LED chip directly determines the brightness and decay of the lamp bead. The so-called "you get what you pay for", it is recommended to choose a big brand of luminous tree lights with guaranteed quality.


Confusion between LED lights and glowing tree lights. With the formal implementation of the EN62560:2012 version, the EU has a unified standard for LEDLamp. The EN62560 standard is translated into Chinese as the safety requirements for LED self-ballasted lamps. It is aimed at LED light sources (LED Lamp) such as LED bulbs, LED spotlights, etc., which directly replace incandescent bulbs. It is characterized by built-in LED driver, and the lamp head is a standard E27 or E40 or GU10 lamp head connected to the mains to work. The driving power supply of LED lamps can be built-in or external, and the light source can be LEDLamp, or directly use LED light engine as the light source. The LED light source engine can be connected to the mains by the driving power supply, or can be directly connected to the mains without the driving power supply to work. The standard of LED lamps needs to refer to EN60598-1 first, and then determine the applicable special standards according to the installation method or use of the lamps, such as common LED downlights, whose standards are EN60598-1/EN60598-2-2. Then consider the safety performance of LED modules EN62031.

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