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What are the characteristics of LED artificial tree lights?

Mar 18,2022 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

LED tree light is referred to as LED landscape tree light, also known as LED simulation tree.


The size of the simulated tree light should be designed according to the environment and the number of lights used by the tree light. Now the height of the artificial tree lights we use is generally 80cm-350cm indoors, 400cm-650cm outdoors, and can also be customized according to the actual site needs. The LED tree light has a beautiful tree shape, plump branches and petals, bright colors, and a realistic feeling.


LED tree light is a new type of artificial landscape light, which is environmentally friendly, long life and beautiful. The tree pole blades are made of artificial material, the light source is LED, and the height is generally 0.8-6 meters. It is widely used in municipal engineering, parks, squares, high-end residential areas, courtyards, leisure squares, lobbies and other places. Its energy-saving and durable features make up for the deficiencies of traditional landscape lamps, and are revolutionary products of similar lamps.



LED tree lights are more and more used in urban lighting, landscape lighting, home decoration and other places, especially in festivals, it is an indispensable landscape. LED tree lights should be a popular trend in future urban lighting and engineering decorative lighting! First, LED tree lights are energy-saving, high brightness, and low power are the significant advantages of LEDs; second, LED tree lights are safe and worry-free. Features of LED tree lights: The appearance of LED tree lights is very realistic, and can be viewed during the day and night, which is not available in natural plants, especially at night. Safe, reliable and long life, it is the finishing touch of modern urban landscape design beautification and lighting.


The main pole of the artificial tree light is steel pipe, the branches are steel pipes or steel bars, and the simulation book cover is outsourced. All are made of high hardness, anti-aging material, the blades are flexible and anti-aging material, the light source is LED particle lamp, all are waterproof, low pressure, low consumption and long life.

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