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In order to ensure that the lighting fixtures are symmetrical, the layout of the lighting fixtures should be symmetrical

Apr 09,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

Outdoor decorative lights have high compressive strength and wide coverage, which can give people a warm and comfortable experience. Secondly, the development of outdoor decorative lights has a good future, which can promote the development trend of other industrial chains. Defects of outdoor decorative lights: increased costs. Outdoor decorative lights are originally integrated with plastic arts. Unlike ordinary lighting fixtures, outdoor decorative lights are very complex in shape, have a long quality time, and require many raw materials, and the cost of the project is relatively high.


In order to ensure that the lighting fixtures are well-balanced, the layout of the lighting fixtures should be well-balanced, the spacing should be effective, and the height of the lights should be as high as possible. The height of the day decoration lights is related to the main purpose. The height of the holiday decoration lights is about 3 meters; the height of the holiday decoration lights in the interior space of many abortion themed activities is generally 4 to 6 meters. In addition, the ratio of the horizontal distance between the tree-lighting lamp and the lamp cover should be moderate, and the ratio of the height of the tree-lighting lamp to the horizontal distance of the tree-lighting lamp is generally in the middle of 1/12 to 1/10.

Outdoors, such as ecological parks, urban greenways, and riverside trails, areas with relatively quiet natural environments should not be too bright for holiday decoration lights. In order to better set off the calm atmosphere, darker holiday decoration lights are generally used. It also contrasts the surrounding atmosphere. In the case of choosing holiday decorative lights, the selection must be carried out according to the different conditions, so that you can choose suitable holiday decorative lights. Led tree lights are one of the commonly used lighting fixtures.


The development trend of led Christmas light modeling art is inseparable from the Lantern Festival, and the emergence of the Lantern Festival lays the foundation for the development trend of holiday decorative light modeling art. However, plastic art originally began in daily life, from the production of laborers, and from the ease of use. Only after that, with the development trend of social productivity, it was gradually extracted from the production of chemical substances and became the overall development of human Part of it.


The cause of led Christmas lights is the development trend of people using fire, creating and inventing lights, and manufacturing lighting fixtures. Without the material life and technical strength to make holiday decoration lights, and without the chemical substances of holiday decoration lights, it is not easy to have the Festival of Lights. As early as before the origin of the Lantern Festival, there were various decorative art designs of lights similar to the festival lights.

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