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The cardiovascular of LED is a chip of semiconductor material

Apr 23,2021 / News, Industry News / Author: ShengKui

For outdoor decorative lights, 1W LED white lights with high power (other colors are basically the same), the total effective heat dissipation surface area of ​​the heat sink is generally ≥50 cubic centimeters. Regarding 3W products, it is recommended that the total effective heat dissipation surface area of ​​the heat sink is ≥150 cubic centimeters. The manufacturer of the larger power visual modeling lamp chooses an element of the holiday decoration lamp, which can make energy-saving lamps or traditional tungsten filament lamps not very good save costs. The cost of power engineering is all on the rise, and there is an option, which can make the festival more and more spiritual and essentially jump down the holiday decoration lights. This kind of lamp is not only cost-effective, but also brighter and more durable than traditional energy-saving lamps.

Regulations for heat sinks for holiday lighting effects sources. Appearance and raw materials: If the tightness of the product is not high, the thermal convection is likely to be generated immediately in the natural environment with the outside air. It is also recommended to use aluminum or copper heat sinks. When connecting the high-power LED base steel plate of the holiday light to the heat pipe radiator, please ensure that the contact surfaces on both sides are flat to make the two contact surfaces more suitable. It is proposed to coat a layer of heat transfer vegetable grease on the bottom of the holiday lamp base steel plate or the surface of the heat pipe radiator to transfer heat. The thermal paste must be applied evenly, and then fixed with screws.


The cardiovascular of the LED is a chip made of semiconductor material. One end of the chip is attached to a support frame, and the other end is connected to the positive stage of the switching power supply, so that all the chips are encapsulated by epoxy resin. The semiconductor material chip consists of two parts, one part is a P-type semiconductor, in which holes dominate; the other end is an N-type semiconductor, which is mainly an electronic device. However, when these two semiconductor materials are connected, a PN junction is formed between them. When the amount of current is at the integrated ic according to the efficiency of the transmission line, the electronic device will be pushed down to the P area, where the electronic device and the hole will fuse again, and then send kinetic energy in the form of light quantum. This is the basic principle of LED holiday lights. The wavelength of visible light is the color of light, and its hue is defined by the raw material that produces the PN junction.

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